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ClosetCARE service

ClosetCARE service
2020/06/11 Better Blueprint

ClosetCARE is here! We heard from several clients, old and new alike, that they wanted help maintaining the personal style gains they had made during in-person sessions or via ongoing services, so Blueprint for Style create an entirely new service to ensure current clients can continue their style journey!

ClosetCARE is a monthly maintenance service. For a [super] reduced hourly rate, we'll conduct conduct virtual closet check-ins, create monthly Top 5 Focus Items lists including direct links for purchase, address any one-off questions or style conundrums you will have, and offer special discounts on high-value items when possible.

Benefits of ClosetCARE:

  • No need to reach out to us; we'll be sharing with you every month!
  • No need to stand in lines for the items you want or need; we'll send you a link for direct purchase!
  • No need to wonder if you've got the right clothes; we'll be checking your closet every month!
  • No need to wonder if you favorite pieces are on sale; we'll let you know as soon as we do!
  • No need to pay higher fees for one-off service; we'll keep your rate the same every month!

For our initial offering, ClosetCARE is available in two options: a one-hour monthly retainer or two-hours. While they are created to be a monthly service that you'll derive benefit from the longer you subscribe, you can cancel or unsubscribe without any fuss. Check them out here...

ClosetCARE, 1hr.


Get Closet Ready!

ClosetCARE, 2 hrs.


Get Closet Checked!