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Men & Their Shirts

Men & Their Shirts
2014/08/18 Better Blueprint

Across the last three weeks, I have been through at least seven (7) men's closets and universally I am seeing too many shirts. I'm not going to rant about the quantity of shirts I'm seeing or that half of them are ready for euthanasia. Nor am I going to say that at least half of the remaining shirts don't fit right....

All that aside.....

At a bare minimum, the lack of space should be a guide post for the number of shirts you own - besides focusing on quality, the answer for making sense of an overstuffed closet can often do with the equipment and tools. In this instance, a hanger cascader is your mecca-nirvana-magical enlightenment.

It can handle up to six hangers and they come two to a pack....

Yes! For better organization, more let's talk about your actual shirt selection!


hanger cascader