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  • Jul252016

    Fabric Care: Cashmere

    Again, you can't treat your cashmere like it's cotton (it's my favorite and equally as versatile as wool) for today's…

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  • Oct152012

    J.Crew Cashmere Shop

    It's J.Crew. So it's a brand you know. It's Loro Piana cashmere. So you know it's quality. I like J.Crew…

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  • Jul132012

    Loro Piana Cashmere

    Loro Piana uses the rarest Mongolian cashmere; they helped discover baby cashmere. Each baby kid is combed from the fleece…

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  • Dec142010

    All Cashmere is Not Created Equal

    Pop into Old Navy, H&M, Uniqlo, Opening Ceremony or Barneys and likely each store has some cashmere available and perhaps…

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  • Aug272009

    Caring for the Sexy, Sophisticated Clothes You Have!

    Day 1: Cashmere, Lamb's Wool & Mohair.  Woolens are natural, soft fibers which can quickly felt with careless washing so, when…

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