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All Cashmere is Not Created Equal

All Cashmere is Not Created Equal
2010/12/14 Maya H.

Pop into Old Navy, H&M, Uniqlo, Opening Ceremony or Barneys and likely each store has some cashmere available and perhaps even on sale.  But is the $49 cashmere sweater at H&M the same as the $325 one at Barneys…..I think not.  Check the label – cashmere blended with lycra, modal, nylon, etc is not what you want.  If you’re looking for the exotic luxury fiber that is the province of the stylish then look for brands like TSE (pronounced ‘say”).

TSE, one of my favorite makers of cashmere goodies, takes classic cashmere and adds a bit of edge and innovation.  And since collabs are ‘all the rage’, know that Michelle Obama’s favorite Jason Wu will be doing the TSE spring collection featuring cashmere and silk blends (the matrimony of natural fibers is totally acceptable), so ready your funky leopard print skirt and your demure empire-waisted sheath because the designs promise to be just that versatile!