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Caring for the Sexy, Sophisticated Clothes You Have!

Caring for the Sexy, Sophisticated Clothes You Have!
2009/08/27 Maya H.

Day 1: Cashmere, Lamb's Wool & Mohair.  Woolens are natural, soft fibers which can quickly felt with careless washing so, when washing, check the label!

  • If the garment indicates 'machine washable' always use the gentlest cycle.
  • For hand washables, take extra care because they can felt as well!
  • Woolens should be left to dry flat and inside out but avoid direct sunlight and heat.  Gently pull it into shape.
  • You can iron wool: press on the wrong side with a warm iron under a damp cloth, or steam iron.
  • Store your clothing on the correct hangers (padded) to ensure they drape well when worn and to avoid the risk of snagging the fabric

Designers Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit on mohair: "Mohair is incredibly luxurious, and as desirable as cashmere wool...mohair is eco-friendly and it's a natural fiber so, it doesn't shrink.  Plus it's crease-resistant.  Wool mohair is usually used for tailoring but has beautiful draping qualities too.  the greatest advantage of this versatile fabric is that you have a light weight garment which is warm in winter, yet cool in summer.".