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  • Oct032012

    Let’s Talk Lingerie for NBCAM

    There was a time when you couldn't find any lingerie let alone something stylish for women who had undergone a…

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  • Oct262009

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Incognito Pink

    To close our month-long focus on pink in tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Blueprint for Style wanted to remind folks…

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  • Oct192009

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Tip

    Pink is worn best by those with cool (blue) undertones because the pink which is warmer works to balance the cool, blue…

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  • Oct122009

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pretty in Pink

    Do you remember that movie with Molly Ringwald?  I do...she wore so much pink that, today, I think I'd gag…

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  • Oct052009

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink go Kapow!

    I wanted to kick off Blueprint for Style's ode to Breast Cancer Awareness Month right... Pink is very 'girly' if…

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  • Oct022009

    October: Month to Fight for the Cure to Breast Cancer

    In honor of October being focused on fighting for the cure to Breast Cancer, the first post every Monday for…

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