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Let’s Talk Lingerie for NBCAM

Let’s Talk Lingerie for NBCAM
2012/10/03 Better Blueprint

There was a time when you couldn't find any lingerie let alone something stylish for women who had undergone a mastectomy - well no more! Lingerie and foundationwear can be found sparingly, and some places even do it right.

Amoena Rita Wire-free Mastectomy Bra

Here are the few insights we've been able to gather:

  • You can rock an underwire bra...just look for a very short wire so it doesn't poke out
  • Some stores need to get with the times ~ Victoria's Secret still doesn't carry any mastectomy bras!
  • Most of the breast prostheses are made from silicone gel
  • As a survivor, it's recommended that you start with a non-weighted bra and then transition to a weighted option per a prescription from your doctor
  • A professional fitter will help you determine the right size and shape to ensure the most natural look
  • Check with your insurance but most insurances cover a fitting along with two to four bras per year

The three best spots for bras and other mastectomy lingerie include:

  1. Amoena
  2. Jodee
  3. Woman's Personal Health