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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Incognito Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Incognito Pink
2009/10/26 Maya H.

To close our month-long focus on pink in tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Blueprint for Style wanted to remind folks that even though the month ends in 5 short days, there are those that do not faulter.  Today's tips on how to integrate pink into your wardrobe focus on sneaking with pink -- doing it incognito (in a whispered tone......).  Some may say 'tsk, tsk' because you're not open about your pinkness but, for the incognito pinkies, theirs is a subversive sub-culture that flaunts pink in private year-round!

You ask, "But how do they do it?"  Well it's done by wearing one or many of the following items:

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  1. Hello Kitty bracelet watch, $ the middle of everyday
  2. Nike extra-small duffel bag, $ the gym and while working out
  3. Ombre scarf, $ the dead of winter
  4. Members Only cosmetic bag, $ their purses
  5. Princess headband, $ their hair
  6. Vera Bradley sunglass case, $ broad daylight
  7. Paul Smith leather driving gloves, $ their cars while driving
  8. David Yurman necklace pendant, $950...around their necks

Indeed this is just a sampling of how these subversive pinkies flaunt their support of Breast Cancer Awareness and continue to fight the good fight!.