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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink go Kapow!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink go Kapow!
2009/10/05 Maya H.

I wanted to kick off Blueprint for Style's ode to Breast Cancer Awareness Month right... Pink is very 'girly' if you will...but we have to learn how to toughen it up a bit.  One of this fall's fashion themes is definitely 'tough chic' so, let me show you how I'd make pink-go-kapow!

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  1. Marc Jacobs printed leather dress, $2,495: sure the paisley print isn't so tough and you're thinking 'that's so soccer mom' in the back of your mind but, it's leather...enough said!
  2. Liquorish dogtooth tuxedo dress, $137: yea it's short, yes it's got hot pink running through it, yea it's a print...but with some black opaque tights and Georgina Goodman patent leather heels, there isn't a dance floor out there that's ready for me!  BRING IT!!
  3. Amy's dress, $425: I told my sweetie "I'm wearing a cute pink dress tonight"; he responds "That's nice; I'm sure you'll look fine"...and then he sees me and realizes this isn't his momma's dress!  Not with this curve-hugging action, black peep bra-top, and corset-style closing in the back....WHAT?!?!

Any questions on how to take a little pink and bring out the Pinky Tuscadero in it?!.