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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Tip

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Tip
2009/10/19 Maya H.

Pink is worn best by those with cool (blue) undertones because the pink which is warmer works to balance the cool, blue undertone.  If you have darker hair, you can do more vibrant colors but blondes and lighter-toned brunettes will see better results with lighter pinks!

The easiest way to incorporate pink into your wardrobe this month or period is through accessories such as a belt.  Below are a few options and suggestions:

  • A thin pink belt works great in contrast to an all black outfit
  • If you're opting for a more substantial pink belt then to tone it down, go with lighter colors so that it doesn't seem as pronounced
  • A pink belt made of exotic skins (crocodile, lizard, python, ostrich) are a conversation piece so, highlight the belt by toning down the rest of your accessories or going monochromatic
  • Depending on what you're willing to spend, try to make sure the belt buckle is made of metal hardware

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  1. Go pink, go haute couture: Versace textured leather belt (0.8 inches), $215
  2. Channel your repressed Cyndi Lauper: patent bow belt, $10
  3. K.I.S, keep it simple: JCrew classic leather belt (0.5 inches), $30