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Style is About Choice & Confidence

Style is About Choice & Confidence
2011/08/29 Better Blueprint

Style, much like other things in life, is about choice….and confidence but let’s deal with choice first. Flats or heels. Black or camel. Pants or dress. Plaid or plain.

Crazy thing is, we’re often defined by the choices we make and nowhere is that more evident than in fashion.  The media spends countless dollars and resources to highlight celebrity highs and lows; and retailers blow millions to get high profile players to endorse their products. And then there’s taste….which is wholly subjective.  We all judge a little, don’t we? I certainly do.  Frankly, I’ve been questioning whether I’m judging too much – too much fabric in a sweater, an extra inch of break in a pair of pants, contrast colors that are far from contrast only clashing.  I am not the end-all-be-all but neither is any designer, prodigy or otherwise.  Rather the ultimate determinant should be one’s confidence.

I still recall Saturday mornings when my mother would stand in the hallway and say, “Girls, you have 15 minutes to get ready before I head out for the day.”  Michele and I were up and running around trying to find something to wear.  On one particular Saturday, I came downstairs sporting a bright striped top, tartan plaid pants, and red duckie boots. My mother looked at me, turned her head sideways, and said, “Ok, you’re ready?”  What made my outfit special wasn’t the sanctioning by any designer but my confidence. I may have looked a bit crazy but my mother went with it....likely in hopes that I would change (which I didn't). We all need a bit of latitude in the choice department and an extra dose in the confidence section; and a smidge taken off the judging arena.

Therefore, I am declaring a moratorium on judging fashion whether from those classically training or inherently gifted. Wear what moves you – channel your inner child.  I support and will not judge…too harshly.