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Style Hotness…Or Not?

Style Hotness…Or Not?
2011/12/21 Better Blueprint

Melanie Fiona is very pretty and her voice is extraordinary ~ and that's why she's being featured on TV One's Verses & Flow series sponsored by Lexus. That said, let's take a quick walk through her style prowess:

  • Overall the Canadian-born singer has a terrific shape standing at a taller-than-average 5'8'.
  • She creates an even more statuesque appearance by rocking heels and keeping her clothing fitted on her legs
  • Her jailed-striped outfit provides a fashion lesson for all ~ you can wear horizontal stripes if you keep the stripes varied and not too thick
  • We love, love, love her military-inspired maestro blazer because although it's black, the cutaway front and oversized lapels keep it interesting
  • Her overall style is sophisticated, street edgy but she pulls it off rather well (notice her hair style adds to her edginess?!). Plus the open neckline draws more attention to her face and the lapels work to frame her face even more...
  • STYLE SCORE: 10/10 for achieving her desired image; 8/10 for making her assets work for her; and 8/10 for our desire to replicate it!

Don't forget to check out Artist Melanie Fiona, and Poets Jon Goode and Brianni Blue on TV One's Verses & Flow series. This episode airs on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 11PM EST/8PM PST and is hosted by Hill Harper. Of course, this was all engineered by Lexus!