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Some Jewelry Jazz-ma-tazz

Some Jewelry Jazz-ma-tazz
2010/03/22 Maya H.

Virginia's Yazberry Fashion is edgy yet chic, and new and fresh yet with an eye toward vintage so, it makes perfect sense to partner!  To help keep our readers stylish, we're giving away this beautiful copper-colored Japanese umbrella leather cuff by Yazberry Fashion.  To enter the giveaway, just (1) post a comment on the Blueprint for Style blog and (2) follow Yazberry Fashion on twitter.  It's that simple!!

And because we're not total 'sticks in the mud', you can get an additional entry by (1) following Blueprint for Style and Yazberry Fashion on Facebook; and an additional entry for each tweet!  Sweet!!

Get started -- because this giveaway ends on Friday at 12pm and we'll announce the winner first-thing Monday morning!  In the mean time, read all about Yazberry Fashion so you can adore them as much as we do!!

  • Name: Yazberry Fashion started in 2005 ... named so because the owner and creator has a last name with Berry and she thought raspberry or strawberry were a bit too fruity!
  • Location: Salem, MA ... so just imagine the inspirations she uses during Halloween
  • Inspiration: a love of various forms of art since childhood, a little influence from grandma and her book of Japanese cut paper, and some positive vibes and accolades from her Skidmore College cohorts
  • Leather as Art? Yes ... envision a mix of leather and lace, and it's easy to see how these hand cut leather cuffs are born
  • Next: lots ... large statement, bib-style necklaces; and "The Trench Coat Project" (top secret but we know it involves vintage trench coats, bleach, and repurposed items)

Yazberry Fashion will definitely leave people asking you where you got it!