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Shoe I Stay or Shoe I Go?!

Shoe I Stay or Shoe I Go?!
2009/07/29 Maya H.

Yesterday the ladies got to pine over some of my favorite shoes (now you know how I feel!) while the gentlemen got to take a look at the most expensive shoes for men -- it almost makes it ok for the ladies to purchase more than 1 pair at any sale!  For some reason, I'm sure the experience of looking at shoes did not move any of the men the way it moved the ladies....again, blasphemy!!  Well today we continue on with Shoe Week but, are going to tackle something a little more mundane -- we'll get a glimpse into the intensely competitive world of shoe accessories!!  That's right -- shoe bags, shoe trees, shoe shine kits, the works...  Needless to say, in spite of America's certain love for shoes, there is a dearth of accessories with which to care for your symbols of misplaced angst or depression or rage or bonus dollars.

Boot/shoe stuffers are essential to maintaining the proper shape of your footwear (especially after the rain or prolonged exposure to the elements).  Cedar shoe trees are very helpful for odor-free footwear and shape as well; it's neither stylish nor sophisticated to take off your shoes to reveal the smell of stale perspiration!  Shoe bags are for the travelling set - who wants to walk through crap all day and then place those same shoes next to your precious undergarments or custom-made dress shirt?!  Shoe shine kits have all kinds of stuff for protecting your shoes and extending their life however, peruse the yellow pages for a cobbler as well!  Foot cushions whether at the heel, ball or top of the foot provide comfort because there are occasions where we have inappropriately answered the Siren's hypnotic call for a pair of heels that may not have been the best fit!

Here are some great tools I unearthed to assist our unsung people-movers:

While not the most glamourous of topics, these shoes accessories will help to ensure your toe-tapping, pavement-pounding, footloose and fancy-free feet are ready for action!.