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10 of the Most Expensive Men’s Shoes in the World

10 of the Most Expensive Men’s Shoes in the World
2009/07/28 Maya H.

In honor of Shoe Week, Blueprint researched some wonderfully made but, pricey shoes and thought it worthwhile to share.  Most men do not have the same love affair with shoes that women have; in fact, for fully 78% of men, shoes are a necessity rather than a luxury....blasphemy!

What separates these shoes from the masses is not only the quality of the leather used but, the time, effort and craftsmanship put into every detail including the soles, stitching, fit and shaping, coloring, and finish.  These shoes range in price from $750 to upwards of $1800.  Who owns any of these?  We need to know if they feel different or wear differently....

  1. shoes-most-expensive1Berluti Rapieces Reprises, $1,830 -- founded in 1895; the shoes fit the natural footline
  2. New & Lingwood's Russian Calf Shoes, $1, 550 -- started in 1865; shoes are made of reindeer leather, and cured in rye, oat, flour and yeast, hand-finished and soaked in wood liquor
  3. A. Testoni Norvegese, $1, 500 -- shoes are known to be lightweight and ultra sleek
  4. John Lobb 2005 Shoes, $1,280 -- very streamlined shape and have thought-out color combinations (ebony and mahogany)
  5. Tanino Crisci's Lilian Shoes, $1,250 -- classic design
  6. Edward Green Dover Split Toe, $1,075 -- the toe seam is stitched with a pig's bristle
  7. GJ Cleverly & Co, $995 -- they have a high-gloss finish with punched detailing and small lacesgj-cleverly
  8. Versace Black Leather Croc, $995 -- they have embossed croc detailing
  9. Baker Black Ostrich Cap Toe, $975 -- they are worth it but hard to find!
  10. Crockett & Jones Leeds, $750 -- founded in 1879, each pair takes eight weeks to complete, start to finish

I've provided pictures of my favorites (#1 and #7)- they just ooze class, style, sophistication and polish!  Men only buy a few pair so, why not let one of these be your next purchase?!.