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2009/07/31 Maya H.

The title has nothing to do with the post....but it's catchy isn't it?!

For our final day of Shoe Week, Blueprint thought it wise to leave on the 'good foot' (LOL!) so, wanted to provide the shoes that every stylish and sophisticated wardrobe should not be without.  Unlike yesterday's shoes that were fun, and more trendy and whimsical, the following shoes are ones that should be purchased with a cobbler in mind, your credit card in hand, and a good friend in tow to keep you focused!

  • Black/dark 3-inch, closed-toe heel: a 3-inch heel will elongate the leg and present a more streamlined silhouette; anything shorter, can make the leg seem chunkier depending on your stature.  If you are not fully comfortable wearing a skinny 3-inch heel, opt to go for a slightly chunkier, more substantial heel rather than give up the height.  If you have the personality, go for patent leather, it's a workhorse -- it can transition from work to evening wear especially if the heel is skinny!

$435 D&G Patent

$475 Aleberti Ferretti suede

$168 Saks point-toe

$190 Kate Spade kenzie

  • Natural-colored 3-inch, closed-toe heel: This is the spring/summer counterpart to your abovementioned black heel. 

4298 Kate Spade Larolina

$293 Brian Atwood camel

$275 LAMB fen$254 Borgo degli Ulivi camel

  • Embellished flat: Jury is out on this but, Blueprint recommends a black or metallic-colored flat.  Have a little fun here because it's the shoe you'll wear on Saturdays and after work, and you want it to stand out a bit.

$199 Tory Burch metallic

$295 Reva leopard

$376 Maxmara burgundy

$495 Prada studded

$138 Stella McCartneyballet

$195 Chloe ballet

  • Dark-colored tall boot: Depending on your basic wardrobe color palette, black or dark grey, or brown is best.  The most versatile will be a skinnier 3-inch heel because it can be worn with jeans and pants but, also with longer or shorter skirts!

 $395 KORS Courtney

$320 MaxStudio Zemo

$425 Hadley ruched

$435 Fluevog

$199 Via Spiga Shanti

  • "Wild card" shoe: Invest in one shoe that works as your standout.  Blueprint recommends a print shoe which creates more wardrobe options, or something sleek in an off-the-beaten-path color like light grey or deep purple or red.  It should be the shoe that makes you do a quick two-step when you put it on!

$486 snakeskin

$305 Francesca Mambrini violet

$330 Show Fabric

$198 Saks suede

$307 Chie Mihara

$250 Charles David Andria platform red

If you have all of these, then you can start to expand but, no stylish and sophisticated wardrobe can be without these items.  Expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $500 for these shoes but, they should last for at least three to five years depending on wear and maintenance.  If you think about it -- the average cost-per-wear should be nominal!!.