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Put the “Man” Back Into Father’s Day

Put the “Man” Back Into Father’s Day
2012/06/11 Better Blueprint

Grooming is the gift that keeps on giving ~ because a fab face is the first thing you see on any man (and then his overall style). Whether it's The Art of Shaving's kits (our favorite is the TSA-approved, 4-piece sandalwood scented carry-on kit for $50), or razors (Gillette's most advanced technology in the Ivory Fusion razor for $80 but get 20% off with code "DAD20"); or just an old school, manly shave at The Grooming Lounge.

And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn't share the 5-steps to a perfect shave: cleanse, apply shave oil, add shave cream, shave & moisturize!

If this doesn't appeal to you, or isn't "big" enough, you can stick to the tried and true gifts here!