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Look In My Lo & Sons OMG

Look In My Lo & Sons OMG
2012/06/07 Better Blueprint

I'm packing for a long weekend in a fun & sunny locale but I still have a little work to do ~ I'm doing a business meeting with a potential client; dinner with my beau (undoubtedly); a day of sunnin' by the pool; a Saturday marathon session of shopping & lunching with the ladies; and, oh yeah, a sponsored trunk show appearance the same evening I arrive!

Check out my eight steps to fit everything into my Lo & Sons OMG - sweet, right?! This bag has been my savior ever since I got it last year - and now it can be yours! WIN your own Lo & Sons bag simply by

  1. Going to Lo & Sons Facebook page and "like" it
  2. Post your own pic of what you'd pack for the weekend!
  3. Show us your travel savvy packing by June 22nd
  4. Winner announced June 25th!

NOTE: thru June 30th, you can get 25% off any Lo & Sons bag by clicking here {still better to win one here though!}

{Dell XPS, iPad, Harpers' Bazaar, Deluxe}


{biz meeting outfit, loungewear, dinner look}


{swimwear, extra white tee}


{toiletries, Mia 2 Clarisonic}


{fun, floral heels from ShoeDazzle}


{Pop phone, Havaianas}


{jewelry & baubles}


{fedora, travel scarf} I'm done!!

So, where are you going with your Lo & Sons bag?!