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Monday MANifesto: Scents That Stop You

Monday MANifesto: Scents That Stop You
2014/03/10 Better Blueprint

Ladies- have you ever stopped mid-stride to sniff the air because there's something lingering that smells just yummy and you want to find out what it is? I have - and while it's quite disruptive to the flow of other pedestrians, it's essential.

Gents- have you ever wanted to make a woman stop dead-in-her-tracks? If so, check out this new scent by Dior, Dior Homme. It's woodsy and peppery with a masculine signature. It's sophisticated and unassuming but still has a hint of the familiar....

Give it a test run. And I'm talking about two quick sprays on the neck and in the air (as you walk through it).


Dior Homme-cologne-scents