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MANly Monday: I Jumped Some Man!

MANly Monday: I Jumped Some Man!
2015/06/22 Better Blueprint

I did, I swear! Well kinda - he walked by as I was entering one of my new, favorite neighborhood haunts [Brookland's Finest]. I grabbed his arm - yes, I entered his personal space without even asking! - and said, "Excuse me and I know this is gonna sound weird but, you smell great! What are you wearing?" He chuckled [thank God!] and said, "Other than my clothes, I assume you're talking about my cologne and it's John Varvatos Artisan Acqua."

[john varvatos artisan acqua]

I know scents are personal and I realize that every scent smells different on each person.....but that I jumped some man to find out what he was wearing should count for something!

BTW ~ if you didn't get a gift yet (besides 'shame on you!', scoop this and it'll be all better)


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