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Men’s Fall Fashion #1:3-Piece Suit

Men’s Fall Fashion #1:3-Piece Suit
2010/09/28 Blueprint

For fall, you need to make sure you have your 3-piece suit and while there are several designers (Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Ralph Lauren Purple Label), our favorite is by Simon Spurr.

Be on the lookout for these four items in suit cloth:

  • fabric - stick with wool or kick it up to 100% cashmere
  • fineness - it's the "super number" and higher isn't always better; stick with 120 - 150
  • strength - this is what tailors call the "guts" and if you bunch it in your fist and it show wrinkling, it's not what you want
  • variety - flannel, worsted, tweed, plain weave....stick with worsted