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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2010/05/24 Maya H.

A stylish start to the week from last week's lessons learned.....

  • A Man's Man: there is something wonderfully sexy about a man who is so comfortable with his manhood that he doesn't need to advertise (a la.... loud music coming from his car, garish language coming from his mouth, overly showy jewelry hanging from his person)
  • Follow Suit: as a guest in someones home, it's always best to follow their lead...if they take off their shoes upon entering then you should plan to do likewise.  Now is not the time to move to the beat of a different drummer - just follow the leader
  • Disconnect: good taste doesn't necessarily come with money -- stylish men know what to splurge on and when to save!

See.  Do.  Be.  Dapper.