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Monday Morning Power List

Monday Morning Power List
2010/05/24 Maya H.

A week's worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulosity, finds, forgettables, regrettables, and the like......

  • Style...Splurge: the most stylish of individuals don't get it by buying it, it's learned so spend some time and money to develop your own sense of personal style
  • Back to the Basics: of color...blues are soothing, black is foreboding, red is spicy, oranges are soulful and cheery, and so on.  Whether for interview, photo shoot, date outfit - plan accordingly!
  • Purse Power: have you ever noticed how wearing the right purse can just make you feel better?  I mean jeans and a white tee...and a smokin' bag and it's like the world is your oyster!!

See.  Do.  Be.  Stylish.