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Makari Products Review

Makari Products Review
2012/03/20 Better Blueprint

I'm not a big beauty shopper but most people wouldn't believe that ~ they believe fashion and beauty to be inextricably intertwined. Well they are connected but very different. I know my fashion and style, but the world of beauty and products are vast. I rely almost entirely on the wisdom of my beauty bloggers, so when asked to research Makari, purchase a product, and review the was a bit daunting. But I did it!!

I research the line because the name wasn't familiar to me and discovered that it's a "high end" line for dark skinned men and women focused on skin lightening and toning manufactured in Switzerland ~ not me. Nonetheless, I checked out everything and even sent out a few feelers to see if others had heard of it ~ mum was the word. Still unafraid, I headed to the store and that's when I was shaken a bit. Town Beauty Supply is one of those "corner store" beauty supply stores with lots of stuff and products that never reach mass market either because they didn't have enough funding or because they're demographic is to specific.

First ~ I purchased a vanilla-scented lotion because, per the sales lady, everything else related to body was going to bleach my skin (I love my skin color!). Although it didn't really smell anything like vanilla, it went on smoothly and I loved the way my skin felt (disclaimer: I used it only twice)! The glow on my hand only stayed for about five minutes but my skin felt supple for a solid hour afterwards.

Overall, this isn't a product I'd go looking for nor would I recommend ~ the cost for my 4oz bottle was $8 and didn't do anything more than Nivea or those lovely lavendar-vanilla scented lotions would do (BTW  - that scent combination is so awesome!). What I didn't try was the skin "brightening" products but if you need one, you now know where to go.

I have several other photos via Google + that track my entire journey (up to the point where the sales lady said I couldn't take photos in the store....who does that?!). This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but the opinions are my own. #CBias