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Giving Undercover Love to “American Made”

Giving Undercover Love to “American Made”
2013/11/11 Better Blueprint

lingerie, underwear, Second Base

These days options are endless including our "unmentionables". How you select one item from another can totally depend on cost, quality, color, other preferences....or whether it's made in the USA.

While it's admittedly not my first criteria, I love to support companies that support our economy, so when USA Love List said they' send me some pretty underthings and I could give them away as well - it was an easy yes.

I received the Sarah demi - and rocked it Saturday while doing my running around. It was soft and comfy, and while it doesn't offer tons of support, with my layers, I still felt ready -to-rock!

Well, it's your chance to win your own 'unmentionables' ~ this is easy and the payoff is something yummy and 'for your eyes only'....

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