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A Few of My Favorite Things…

A Few of My Favorite Things…
2013/11/19 Better Blueprint

It's Holiday time and as much as I may not be a fan of holiday gift guides, I look at all of them and people always ask for them.

So here's my first list of a few that will come out over the next couple of weeks. All will give you plenty of time to secure the items and act like you had the gift all along.

Today's list is for the fashionable lady with lots....who just needs a few perfect pieces to make her holiday light up.

  1. Labour of Love tan leather mittens, $97 (a stylish way to stay warm and had I not purchased them already, they’d be at the top of my list)
  2. J.Crew quilted mini-purse, $138 (very Chanel-esque and perfect for travel whether holiday or overseas)
  3. Converse lace-up metallic sneakers, $75 (a little gold for the holidays is what everyone needs to spruce up an outfit, no matter how casual)
  4. Mischo Beauty Front Row nail polish, $18 (red puts us in a festive mood and red nail polish says you’re ready to party at a moment’s notice; Invite Only which screams ‘party girl’)
  5. Home ambiance: Kate Spade “Light Up the Room” scented candle, $40 (walking into any house with the smell of spruce and fig signals something wonderful is around the corner) and Nat King Cole’s Christmas Album ,$15 (between the scents and sounds, you almost don’t need any holiday gifts just some cheer!)

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