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Let’s Skip to Summer…Now!

Let’s Skip to Summer…Now!
2011/01/10 Maya H.

I'm am single handedly willing summer into existence...with the scouting and purchasing of a swimsuit.  As a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, they are giving us the opportunity to write about this new swimsuit site, Swimspot.  I went there and here's what I love about the site: you have 3 main options when going to the site: Shop (choose by style, body type, color, etc), The Spot (essentially a blog), & Bikini Builder (a real-time mix-n-match model to try-on your selections). 

So I've gone to Swimspot, owned up to my many flaws, embraced that I am on the cusp of womanhood (well actually there...but so what!), pondered on my best colors with and without the kiss of the sun, considered the rate of weight gain (or loss) across the next five months, checked and double-checked my physical assets, and have come out with these favorite options: 

Cougarette Maillot (in blue)


Cougarette Maillot (in brown)


Cadette Maillot


Reef - Mood Monokini


African Queen


Solaia Tankini Top & Bottom


High Tea Peekaboo Tankini & Bottom (in aubergine)


If you're wondering what considerations I used to make my selection, let me share: 

  • I like to surf, etc so my swimsuit has to allow for movement and activity
  • I have hips (and love them) so I want a suit that highlights this (a maillot!)
  • My stomach is not flat so I need to de-emphasize my midsection
  • I have a long torso therefore a true bikini bottom is not my friend
  • Anything that creates a line down the middle is fabulous because it elongates my frame
  • I love patterns because they distract the eye from settling on one particular spot
  • I don't have a lot of chest so a top with a v or the likes is ideal to create what doesn't exist!
  • I'm a grown woman and choose to be slightly more conservative in my outfit, thus no bikinis

I'd love to have you weigh in on which of the swimsuits is perfect for me?  Or even you.... 

BTW -- I chose the Cadette Maillot!