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I’m Gonna Get You (Seer) Sucker!

I’m Gonna Get You (Seer) Sucker!
2012/05/21 Better Blueprint

Brooks Brothers invented seersucker in the 1920's to American's who needed a material that could withstand the summer heat ~ the smooth and puckered texture provided more breathability and prevented the fabric from sticking to the skin. Aren't you happy you can be cool with seersucker?!

Bonus: the word "seersucker"  is derived from the Persian word "shir-u-shakar" which means "milk and sugar," relating to its smooth and puckered texture. (thanks for the cue Brooks Brothers)

Now to wear seersucker and look 'cool', there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • avoid the Colonel Sanders look by adding some color to your outfit
  • if you want an upper East side feel (although not sure why), go seersucker suit + white/off white boat shoes
  • if you're interested in looking hot and staying cool, then opt for seersucker pants ~ they allow you to mix n' match, and dress up with a sportcoat or down with a simple polo

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