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  • May212012

    I’m Gonna Get You (Seer) Sucker!

    Brooks Brothers invented seersucker in the 1920's to American's who needed a material that could withstand the summer heat ~…

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  • Sep292011

    Men Like It Easy

    So these Brooks Brothers shirts are perfect! 4 fits (traditional, regular, slim, extra slim), 165 sizes, 100+ styles....and they're non-iron.…

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  • Jul272011

    (Power) Blue Blazer is THE Ticket

    There isn't a more essential blazer for men...other than navy blue! It can be worn year round and if fitted…

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  • Jan142010

    More Winning Shirt-n-Tie Combinations

    Shirt ($118) and tie ($50) by Bloomingdales Style Notes: Plaid, especially tartan, is classic and while we wouldn't recommend it…

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  • Nov062009

    Mad Men Edition Suit

    Janie Bryant, the costume designer for the AMC TV show Mad Men, has collaborated with Brooks Brothers to offer this…

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