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I Reminisce about Hello Kitty

I Reminisce about Hello Kitty
2009/08/21 Maya H.

I'm not sure about you but, I have fond memories of Hello Kitty pens, pencils, wallets, notepads, necklaces, charms, etc.  I was even on a visit to LA last year and indulged in a Hello Kitty keychain charm just so I could look down when I turn the key to my car and get a quick rush of laughter!!

Enough about my fond memories....I'm sure that if you were born anytime after 1968, you have one or two memories as well (perhaps even trading your Hello Kitty booty during lunchtime or recess??).  Well an Italian website, Forzieri, is featuring Hello Kitty watches (12 of them to be exact).  Even if you have no desire to purchase one, check it out- and reminisce!.