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Dear Blueprint…Need Help!

Dear Blueprint…Need Help!
2009/08/21 Maya H.

Today kicks off a new feature on the Blueprint for Style blog titled, "Dear Blueprint...Need Help!".  The goal is to field a question posed by you all and provide a quick (and hopefully useful) answer....think Pauline Phillips aka Abigail Van Buren less the coiffed hair and newspaper ink!

So, here we go....

Question Posed: I read a lot of style and fashion magazines and read several of the online publications as well.  Every publication has a 'must have' list for fall.  What is Blueprint for Style's fall fashion must have for the guys and girls?

Paul Stuart_Hickey Double-breasted SuitsAnswer Given: besides a wardrobe assessment from a trusted Image Consultant & Personal Stylist so you know Madame Bovary checked trench coat_2exactly what's right for you and how to integrate it into your wardrobe.  Beyond that, the guy who is a mover-and-shaker or even just starting to make a rumbling must-have a double-breasted suit to be worn separately, or with a crisp colored shirt and lightly patterned tie and the ladies must-have a standout trench coat to provide shelter from stormy weather and bad fashion days, and so it can come off the must-have list for years to come.

If you don't believe me, check out the rags - 8/10 will be shwoing some version!.