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A Watch For a Lifetime

A Watch For a Lifetime
2015/10/02 Better Blueprint
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{memoris watch}

{memoris watch}

I am a believer that the parts come together to represent the whole -- there is no truer a case for this philosophy than with a watch, right?

Recently, I was reading an article in Marie Claire about what to splurge on at every age and it said that by age 45, it should be a really nice watch. Well, I am almost there so it's time (no pun intended) to get serious about my watch selection.

The options are vast and the options too numerous to name but here's what I have figured out:

  • it has to be either rose or yellow gold: rose gold reads strong yet feminine to me while yellow gold reads slightly more traditionally
  • it needs to be a chronograph or a tank watch: both create immediate "interest" and are eye-catching without being ostentatious
  • it needs to come from a well-respected house: we know the Cartier's and Rolexes of the world and those could work but just as well respected are the Patek Philippe's and the Moinet's of the world....under the radar but rock stars in the watchmaking realm

Years ago after a conversation with my sister, I started a watch fund squirreling away a few dollars here and there so that when it came time to make my watch purchase, I wouldn't have to completely blow the bank! The watch fund has been building for the last 12 years....

And just as Marie Claire predicted so I decided to make my 45th birthday gift to myself my watch!

Recently, I've been made aware of the Louis Moinet Memoris. It's a watch complication with over 300 parts and this cool Energie Plus auto winding system that looks like two ladies legs kicking a wheel (rudimentary I know, but tell me it doesn't look like that?!). It was also nominated for the very prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva. GPHG is the most prestigious watch industry award ceremony.

{the energie plus auto winding system}

{the energie plus auto winding system}

I'm a Scorpio which means I'm open to suggestions but that also means secretly I have my personal short list. What are your the day grows nye?

Right now, I'm not wearing a watch. Partly because I decided not to wear anything until I could get the watch and partly because my life at the moment doesn't require living by a rigorous schedule that can't be handled by my smartphone alerts.

This is exciting and if you're coming to that age perhaps you can get excited too! The Memoris comes in 18K rose gold and has the look-feel-sexiness-longevity-lineage that I want but will it win?

Stay tuned for an update but, in the meantime, check out Louis Moinet to see if they should be on your short list.

louis moinet watch_2