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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
2015/11/26 Better Blueprint
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Here is the definitive list of how to get your holiday shopping done without pulling out all of your hair or 'losing your shirt' at that sale....

Let's be clear: according to the National Retailers Federation, Americans spend an average of $404 each Thanksgiving weekend. Where do you fall- a little below or way above?!

  1. checklistAnswer this question: how much do you want/have to spend? This is the BIG question!
  2. Make a list of what you want
  3. Revisit your Lust List. You do have one, don't you? Check out 24 lists everyone should make!
  4. Create a list of what you want to get [for others]
  5. At the top of each list, write the dollar amount you want/have to spend (clue: it should add up to the number noted in #1)
  6. Prioritize your list...(because not everyone deserves a gift)
  7. Hit the internet FIRST: let your fingers do the walking and online usually offers discounts and promos
  8. Consider the percentage discount rather than the final price (50% off a $20,000 watch is stellar; 50% off a $20 t-shirt is a dime-a-dozen)!
  9. Plan to scoop items where the return policy is liberal - a gift no one wants and isn't returnable = wasted money!
  10. When you head out take cash! Studies show that using plastic leads to greater sending...

Thank me later!!