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Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
2011/09/16 Better Blueprint

Today, my mother would have been 70 years old....had she not been taken from us in 2001.  Her name was Vivian and she was not only a sparky, vivacious, short-haired spitfire, but one of my greatest style inspirations. Why? When you saw her, I think you were immediately captured by her polished demeanor that worked so well with her stunning orangeish-red short hair and big smile.  Her generous spirit showed in deed and in her talk -- a valued confidante to many high-powered people but a wonderful mother to me and my sister, Michele.  I've cried a little bit today because I wish she had not been taken from us so I had so many 'plans' for us but i have to believe her essence lives on in me, physically (because I look just like her) and in my sister, in mannerisms (because she acts JUST like my mother and talks just like her).

Today, spend a minute watching your mom and listenting to what she has to say; then run to the mirror and look for her in you because I know it's there.  My mother gave me her passion for living, her sense of discernment for what is beautiful and worthwhile, and her easy, chic, effortless yet colorful sense of style.  I'll take it all.  Happy Birthday mom...and we miss you!