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Better Late Than Never – The Perfect Combination of Style & Beauty

Better Late Than Never – The Perfect Combination of Style & Beauty
2009/11/24 Maya H.

I say 'better late than never' because this post should have gone up a week ago but, I was holding off in hopes of receiving photos from the person responsible for taking the photos but to no avail -- so, the show must go on photo-free!

What do you get when you mix HerStylzShop and luxe terry cloth headwraps; Ginger & Liz Colour Collection and mini-manis; Mischo Beauty and a huge beauty gift bag; Rownine and a $25 gift card; Clutch Seattle and a 30% discount on handbags; Wink Eyelash Studio and free lash extensions; Aidah Fontenot, fashion designer, and another big discount; MADEJewelry and some funky earrings; Rebecca & Drew and customized shirt fittings; Skincando "creamy crack" and a Combat-Ready Balm giveaway; Guiltlesspurse and almost giveaway pricing on Laura Merkin bags; and Ideeli and a free Chloe bag?

A Blueprint for Style Style & Beauty Event... this one was held in New York City in midtown Manhattan on November 14th and it was luxe-ish!  Ladies gathered to enjoy the discounted lash sets, champagne and lollipop shots, terrific giveaways, mini-manicures, and a Sophistication Redux by Blueprint for Style focused on how to take one dress and work it 4 different ways!!

A great time was had by all....and if the pictures ever surface, I'll have the pleasure of posting about it again!!  Until then, stay tuned for dates for the DC and Atlanta events coming up in January and February...