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  • Dec242012

    Winner of Our Ideeli Gift Card

    It's like Christmas early ~ yay! The winner of the $40 ideeli gift card is.... click here!

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  • Dec112012

    Holiday Party Pretty

    I came across two pieces that are part of ideeli's 2012 Holiday Lookbook that are perfect for your busy calendar!…

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  • Sep202012

    It’s All In The Outerwear

    Oftentimes, our outfit cannot be as fabulous as we'd like. In those instances, we recommend you focus on the outerwear…

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  • Sep192012

    Winner of the Ideeli Bling!

    We had a contest last week and although a winner was selected, I forgot to share that information! The winner…

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  • Sep072012

    Ideeli Does Fashion Week at Fab Prices!

    Anyone "participating" in New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (#NYFW)? Ok so if you're not going to any shows, did…

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  • Nov242009

    Better Late Than Never – The Perfect Combination of Style & Beauty

    I say 'better late than never' because this post should have gone up a week ago but, I was holding…

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  • Aug252009

    The “Bomb” Leather Bomber from Members Only on Sale

    Is it just me or does anyone remember when we used to get the nylon/PVC Members Only jackets for like....$30?! …

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  • Jul062009

    Booties…with Cutout Design (Skip ‘Em)!

    Ok- they are supposed to be chic and hip, and all the rage, and I am NOT a fan of…

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