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6 Things We Want to Share This Week…

6 Things We Want to Share This Week…
2011/09/17 Better Blueprint
  1. New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2012 collections is over as of Thursday, September 15th.  Here are the highlights.
  2. At least on the East Coast, fall is here....(it came to early)! Ladies, grab a sweater.
  3. Fellas since fall came early, you'll need a sportcoat or vest for sure!
  4. We're loving the two-strap satchel right now. It's ladylike, chic and functional.  Let's do the bag switch-a-roo!!
  5. Don't forget starting next week Blueprint for Style will be giving away ALL of the swag we got from #NYFW - stay tuned!
  6. Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn't mean you have to absndon your colorful disposition.  Continue to practice your cheery ways by using color in your accessories such as belts, scarves, shoes, purses, jewelry, and even blouses (just throw your old cardi on top)!