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Monica’s Favorite Things- For Women

Monica’s Favorite Things- For Women
2023/11/17 Better Blueprint

I Got/Want It, So Should You

Here's the story...

One of your compatriots...actually five (two via text and three via email) said they wanted to know what I was shopping for/buying because I always seem to have stuff that I don't share. Blatantly - not true!

So I took stock of what was in my various carts, what I had most recently purchased, what I was lusting after, and what I needed given the upcoming holiday season (and sales).

Here's everything...well most of it!

Take this one in girlfriend because you won't get another for two weeks!

Like you, I will be observing the start of the holiday season and the Black Friday sales and shenanigans.

xx, mo ~ every week, something new to consider…