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Jean-ious Denim for Women!

Jean-ious Denim for Women!
2024/01/19 Better Blueprint

Essential Jeans for Woman

Jeans for every woman! They're everywhere and you can have loads but there are a few essential pair you should own in your jeans wardrobe.

But because I like for you to be education, let me share a few facts about jeans before you start looking AND so you know what you're buying:

  • Denim fabric has its origins in France
  • The cotton fabric was called "serge de Nimes"
  • Denim popped on the scene in the US in the 19th century by Strauss and Davis
  • Denim sales are upwards of $130B annually as of 2021 
  • The original cotton material was what made denim so appealing - it could 'take a lickin' and keep on tickin'
  • Fun factJapanese denim is notoriously special because most is made using the old shuttle looms (vs. American Draper looms)
  • Raw and selvedge denim are Japanese denim terms, that refer to the edge, and are generally more expensive