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Designer: Jodi Arnold & Wonderfully Wearable Fashion

Designer: Jodi Arnold & Wonderfully Wearable Fashion
2010/04/21 Maya H.

I had the misfortune of missing the fashion show for the Jodi Arnold for The Limited items last week but I had the good fortune to be able to talk with Jodi and her partner about the new line and the must-haves.

Jodi Arnold is a Birmingham, Alabama native who has made Brooklyn, NY home.  With the introduction of her MINT line in 1999, we saw a unique yet wearable mix of fabrics, prints and embellishments so, it's very comforting when we see her current line for The Limited that she highlights some of the same stalwarts that made her personal line so successful.

With newly minted professionals and longstanding career women all on the hunt for "value" and "versatility" in their clothing, Jodi Arnold's line for The Limited will be a welcome surprise.  Admittedly, I am not a Limited shopper but, the introduction of some of these pieces has made me a believer -- and owner of a few pieces!!

When asked about the must-haves from this line for the woman on-the-go and who wants to go from day to evening, she said "...prints and embellishments" are the best way to go.  Done!!  Pictured are a few of our favorites...all part of the Jodi Arnold for The Limited collection.