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The Limited x Sophie Theallet

The Limited x Sophie Theallet
2012/11/12 Better Blueprint

{images from Vogue}

I can admit that beyond the age of 24, I have rarely if ever entered or purchased anything from The Limited. That said, their recent collaboration with French-born designer Sophie Theallet has me, at least. giving pause to entering the store.

Sophie Theallet, having worked with the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaia, has mastered the use of color, cut and draping in creating elegant yet sexy and substantial pieces with the sophisticated woman in mind. How can you not at least take a peek at the capsule collection for the holiday season?

If you can't get yourself to check it out yet because the idea of The Limited and Sophie Theallet don't sit well together for you (it took me a minute), then consider that their collaboration is set to continue for Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day too.

The price point will be as low as $29 for the jewelry and $69 for a cardigan.....

I'm going to check it out - not sure I'll make any purchases given my focus is on game-changer items but I definitely owe Sophie that much....!

Sophie Theallet