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Building Your Basics & Batman

Building Your Basics & Batman
2012/07/20 Better Blueprint

For men, this is simple because it doesn't require quantity just the right baseline to get you started. Esquire produces The Handbook of Style and I love their insights and share them with you often. Recently, I conducted a corporate training session on "Dressing for Your Corporate Climb" and here's one of the tips I shared with the men around wardrobe basics:

  • 5 shirts
  • 4 ties
  • 3 suits {your first should be navy or grey, then the other and then a summer suit}
  • 2 pairs of shoes {ever shoe needs a least a day of rest, so during its downtime use cedar shoe trees}
  • 1 overcoat

It's that easy! From there, the world is yours ~ add your personal style with bowties, fancy shirts and dress slacks, etc. But you've got to start with the basics....

Giorgio Armani to Dress Batman {}!