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White Button Downs

White Button Downs
2024/02/16 Better Blueprint

White Button Downs

Talking about white button downs is my love language!

In my first book, Without Saying A Word, I dedicated an entire chapter to this item... it's that life-changing!

I've heard a few ladies even mention that, "I don't do white shirts because they just don't work for me." Ok - I hear you and I'm not listening!

Seriously, there are a few [aka 0.01% of the population] for which a white button down does not work but, for the rest of you, if you're not rocking a white button down often it's because you haven't found the right one.

I am providing lots of options here that can work for petite to skinny to buxom to frugal to livin'-the-high-life to post-baby to 50-something and fab.

Get some!!