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Maternity Must Haves

Maternity Must Haves
2024/01/12 Better Blueprint

Maternity Must-Haves

Maternity must-haves are those clothing items that you will live in for months. You have bigger things to worry about than how you look so, we're sharing the right pieces for wherever you are in the maternity lifecycle.

  • Pregnancy - covered.
  • Post Partum - covered.
  • Nursing - covered.

While maternity clothes can cost a pretty penny, I like to think about three things:

  1. Buy good stuff because it looks nicer - who wants to look in the mirror and look raggedy!
  2. When you buy great items, it gives you an opportunity to pack it up and share it with a friend who needs it. Not everything, of course, but many of the pieces you will find are shareable and can go the distance given you only wear it for 6 months or so...
  3. Depending on what you buy you will find that some pieces can follow you after baby is running around so choose wisely!

You don't need a lot so check out these maternity must-haves and get ready for your bundle(s) of joy!