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Being Stylish and Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Being Stylish and Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum
2009/09/17 Maya H.

One of my gentlemen readers pointed out that the people he thought were the most stylish and most admired generally moved to their own beat.  I agree....kinda!  I believe moving to your 'own beat' is right as long as it's in time with the music.

Anyway, I digress.... I believe what gives us a little individualism is taking an ordinary piece and adding our personality and signature to it.  For example, I want the Manoush sweater (available at pictured.  Manoush sweaterFor me, the long cuff sleeves, round patch pockets, and leather buttons make this a winner.  Some would look at this $145 sweater and say it's ugly and, on the right person, I'd agree!  But pair it with a sleeveless ruffle-front tee (we still need to get some use out of our summer stuff) and some skinny cream pants and cognac peep-toe heels -- you're in business for an evening out with the ladies!  Or pair it with a scoop-neck print tee and some trouser jeans along with your Campers sneakers and Saturday errands become a mini-catwalk!

So what would you pair it with to stamp your style signature?!.