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Use A Mask To Uncover Your Beauty

Use A Mask To Uncover Your Beauty
2016/03/29 Better Blueprint

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Well if you try the Sulwahsoo Snowise EX brightening mask, you'll know exactly what I mean. The last few weeks, my face/skin has looked unremarkable and while much can be attributed to the change of seasons (skin tends to act out when it doesn't know whether it's cold or warm outside....), I also needed a boost.

Enter stage left is my beauty partner-in-crime who gifted me with a Sulwahsoo brightening mask. 12 minutes later, I'm thanking God for her and all of Asia's beauty secrets. For some reason, they seem to create some of the best stuff......

Case in point...! Try it and believe!! Nordstrom has started carrying several of Sulwahsoo's items so check it out (here).

Sulwahsoo brightening mask