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A Hat Trick Revealed

A Hat Trick Revealed
2012/10/25 Better Blueprint

I'm ready for the 'big reveal'....indeed, I've been keeping a secret from most of you and I'm now ready to fess up - across the last couple of years, most of my hats have come from an online store called Hats in the Belfry. I've always had a love for hats but it was mostly baseball caps until recently.

I now have a fairly robust collection of soft-sided caps, fedoras, straw hats, and trilbys. In fact, the hat that will be travelling with me this fall/winter is the classic wool swinger from Scala Pronto - it's oversized so can cover any bad hair day; it has a soft wide brim which is mashable; and with a pair of sunglasses, I can be mistaken for a super star trying to keep a low profile!

That said, there are three basic silhouettes worth having on-hand whether for a bad hair day, reclusive rock star status, or simply to weather the weather: a swinger {see above}, a darker-colored fedora like this one (or any of these), and a knit cap which is purely subjective but I love this one because it's sporty, allows my hair to peek through but will stay put in a snowfight!

Note: I scooped the fedora hat with chain pictured above at Zara as well (here)...