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A Dash of Flash

A Dash of Flash
2012/12/14 Better Blueprint

We all need it for the holidays to signal that we're "bright & cheery" and in the holiday spirit. The amount of bling/glitter/shimmer will vary but you can either pull something out of your treasure or grab one of these items. The important keys to remember are:

  1. red and gold are great holiday accent colors for most looks
  2. a little bling goes a long way - no need to add sparkle around your neck....and wrists and ankles and body, etc
  3. if you opt for a statement piece, your necklace should be it ~ it's closest to your face and will make the most impact!
  4. you don't need to blow the 'blow the bank' to create bling
Now what am I going to pull out of my huge treasure chest to 'set it off'?!

Shop these pieces: cascading crystal earrings || diamond cuff links || hematite tricolor statement necklace ||gold-tone crystal earrings || glass removable pin statement necklace