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A Collection of Fashionable Holiday Treasures Under $50

A Collection of Fashionable Holiday Treasures Under $50
2009/12/14 Maya H.

Blueprint for Style has been compiling a list of 'cool stuff' for the stylish and sophisticated among us but, who may be just a little cash-strapped or who just understand that the season is about time spent with loved ones rather than the size of the gift.  With that in mind, here are a few fashionable holiday treasures that you may never have thought of....

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  • Golf shoe bags (for him or her): $ need to arrive with unwanted crap on your stylish duds!
  • Needle & pin storage booklet: $ a pinch, we may all need to practice a little MacGyver
  • Laundry bag: $18...a safe practice to separate clean items from everything else!
  • Thigh highs (for her): $19...these are ideal with OTKs or even a short skirt
  • Yoga paws: $35...not chic or cool to slip around as you're trying to get your downward dog on!
  • Garment shields: $11...keep the stains and embarrassment at bay using these little handy items
  • Rock candy necklace by Sequin: $32 a few and wear them together for a fun 80s Cyndi Lauper look
  • Mobile device charging holder: $10 ...there is nothing pretty about putting something to your face that was on the floor!
  • See-through umbrella: $ your inner Mary Poppins and stay dry!
  • Dangle disk earrings: $15...adds a little pizazz to our black/camel/grey uniform, right?
  • Stress buster book: $13...stress can cause wrinkles, bumps, etc- none of which is appealing
  • Key keeper: $ get from Holiday party to Holiday party, you have to start by knowing where your keys are!
  • Bop bijoux silver ring: $30 ...a statement piece that says you look chic without blowing a stack of cash
  • Mail sorter: $19 ...I'm an organizer so, the ideal of having a mini mail station just seemed cute!!
  • USB hub man: $ can keep us all tangled up sometimes so travel with this for help
  • Yosi samra flats: $50 make it through the night, these flats are essential!
  • Odeon bracelet: $44 ...wear it by itself or with other bangles; just mix it up and make it work!
  • Hair accessory bag: $19...we have to keep our wig looking right!
  • Rainboots: $35 ...don't trash your Loubies; use these and then do the 'quick change' before you jump out of the car!