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6 Things We Want to Share This Week

6 Things We Want to Share This Week
2011/08/27 Maya H.
  1. Like your trusty LBD, a piece that's a must-have to include in your fall wardrobe is a black skirt. Try the Geo skirt by Rogan - with leather side panels, welt pockets, and a mid-rise waistline, it will perfectly accentuate your figure and look super chic.
  2. Rumors about Marc Jacobs taking over Dior are gaining more and more attention - would you ladies be excited to see his creations or are you still a fan of John Galliano and feel nobody can 'replace' him?
  3. Look 'spot on' with trends this season by snagging yourself a polka-dot skirt. This time around, it's not about tribal print or florals, designers including Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, DVF, and more are bringing us a spotty season. An easy piece to dress up or down, just make sure your spots are not gigantic!
  4. You may or may not be aware that your favorite store to shop at is one of America's most expensive - take a look at the list of the top 25 most expensive shops in the U.S., and tell us, do you shop at any of these?!
  5. Some may feel iffy about Lady GaGa and younger sister Natali Germanotta creating a clothing line together - with all the looks GaGa has showcased in the past, do you think she can succeed with a "wearable" line as she proclaims it will be? We can't wait to see this....!
  6. Vogue's September issue features more photos of Kate Moss looking stunning at her wedding, including this one with John Galliano (who designed the dress) fluffing her wedding veil.